Big Ass Spider Review

So I was flicking through the various Movie Streaming services I subscribe to and Came across Big Ass Spider and simply had to watch it.

Big Ass Spider The Plot

A Giant Spider accidentally created by the US Government while trying to make massive tomatoes using alien cells found in meteorite fragments, (Not far fetched at all) escapes from a military lab and goes on a rampage in the city of Los Angeles. With every passing hour the spider is getting bigger.

Big Ass Spider Review Giant Spider

Big Ass Spider Review Baby’s Got Back 🙂

Big Ass Spider Review

The Movie starts with Greg Grunberg, (Alex Mathis Pest Exterminator) at one of his client’s homes getting rid of a rat that as been caught in a trap, when is client Mrs Jefferson, (Lin Shaye) spots a small spider on Alex’s shoulder and goes to swat it which results in the spider (A Brown Recluse) biting him and him having to make a trip to hospital for a shot.

While Alex is waiting for his shot he sees a hospital Trolley pushed by with a body bag on it, this is where it gets going flash forward to the morgue the mortician is treating himself to an early morning cup of rum and behind said boozy mortician we see the hospital trolley from earlier and the body bag seems to have something moving inside, (can you guess what it is?)

So the Mortician is attacked and bitten by the mutant arachnid and Alex is called on by the hospital administrator to help hunt the big ass spider down. Enter the Military, this is where we meet the “Love Interest”, Lieutenant Karly Brant, (Clare Kramer) Karly is accompanied by Major Braxton Tanner, (Ray Wise) who orders an immediate lockdown of the hospital.

From here on in Big Ass Spider is your classic kill the monster before it destroys everything kind of film.

Big Ass Spider is one of those movies you know you shouldn’t enjoy but end up really liking, it’s a great movie to watch whilst enjoying a few lagers, (or what ever drink you enjoy) with some mates.

All the Actors fit their rolls perfectly I loved Lombardo Boyar as Jose Ramos, the Hospitals less than competent Security Guard who Teams up with Alex to hunt down the Big Ass Spider.

Big Ass Spider Review Omni’s Rating

8/10 A Great Film if you want a good laugh

Big Ass Spider Review

Big Ass Spider Review

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Big Ass Spider Cast

Lin Shaye Mrs. Jefferson
Greg Grunberg Alex Mathis
Ray Wise Major Braxton Tanner
Clare Kramer Lieutenant Karly Brant
Lloyd Kaufman Himself – Jogger
Patrick Bauchau Lucas
Lombardo Boyar Jose Ramos
Chaton Anderson Girl with the rack
Alexis Knight Nurse Lisa (as Alexis Peters)
Mary Czerwinski Victim
Eben Kostbar Lead Technician
Sarah Oliver Cocoon Victim
Ruben Pla Carl
Adam Gierasch Homeless Man
Dana Davidson Nurse / Patient